What's New

As the sign shows, it was a rough opening, but the store is now open!  Click the picture to acces it.  If you have any problems, please email komoda@dragon-scales.com

New Website

This is our new public website. It is imagined to be a store front for our gaming ideas, but also to include fun and useful tips and tools that are completely free! While we are setting up and testing our store, feel free to browse around and please, send us suggestions for improvement!

Future plans include:

  • Maps, map features, tutorials
  • Modeling designs, tips and tools
  • Any other gaming stuff: Tables, articles, forms, templates etc.

Be sure to check back often for information as well as custom product offerings but please be patient as we have a lot going on duing this startup period.

Kickstarter Preview

Currently we are working on our first Kickstarter project!

The Standard Bearers are our way of keeping track of the chaos on our gaming table. This project is our first product offering and will be used to kickstart our store.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.